Upgrade Customer

This endpoint upgrade the details of a specific customer.

Path Parameter

customerIdstringThe ID of the customer to update.

Request Body
The request body should include the following parameters for upgrading the customer's details:

tierstringUpdated customer tier level.
dobstringUpdated date of birth of the customer (format: "dd-mm-yyyy").
placeOfBirthstringUpdated place of birth of the customer.
addressobjectUpdated address information of the customer.
countrystringUpdated country of the customer's address.
genderstringUpdated gender of the customer.
photostringUpdated URL to the customer's photo.
identityobjectUpdated identity information of the customer.
- typestringUpdated type of identity document (e.g., "vnin").
- numberstringUpdated identity document number.
- countrystringUpdated country issuing the identity document.
- imagestringUpdated URL to the identity document image.
bvnNumberstringUpdated bank Verification Number of the customer.
utilityBillstringUpdated URL to the customer's utility bill.
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