Update Organization Shareholder

This endpoint update details of a specific shareholder within an organization.

Path Parameter

organizationIdstringThe ID of the organization.
shareholderIdstringThe ID of the shareholder.

Request Body
The request should include the following parameters:

firstNamestringUpdated First name of the shareholder.
lastNamestringUpdated Last name of the shareholder.
emailstringUpdated Email address of the shareholder.
phoneNumberstringUpdated Phone number of the shareholder.
dobstringUpdated Date of birth of the shareholder (format: "dd-mm-yyyy").
addressstringUpdated Residential address of the shareholder.
buildingNumberstringUpdated Building number of the shareholder's address.
citystringUpdated City of the shareholder's address.
statestringUpdated State of the shareholder's address.
countrystringUpdated Country of the shareholder's address.
nationalitystringUpdated Nationality of the shareholder.
identityobjectUpdated Identity information of the shareholder.
- typestringUpdated Type of identity document (e.g., "vnin").
- idNumberstringUpdated Identity document number.
- utilityBillUrlstringUpdated URL to the utility bill document.
- idUrlstringUpdated URL to the identity document.
ninstringUpdated National Identification Number (NIN) of the shareholder.
bvnstringUpdated Bank Verification Number (BVN) of the shareholder.
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