Update Customer

This endpoint update details of a specific customer

Path Parameter

customerIdstringThe ID of the customer to update.

Request Body
The request body should include the following parameters for updating the customer's details:

firstNamestringUpdated first name of the customer.
lastNamestringUpdated last name of the customer.
emailstringUpdated email address of the customer.
phoneobjectUpdated phone information of the customer.
- phoneCountryCodestringUpdated country code of the phone number.
- phoneNumberstringUpdated phone number of the customer.
dobstringUpdated date of birth of the customer (format: "dd-mm-yyyy").
addressobjectUpdated address information of the customer.
- streetstringUpdated street address of the customer.
- street2stringUpdated additional street address of the customer.
- citystringUpdated city of the customer's address.
- statestringUpdated state of the customer's address.
- countrystringUpdated country of the customer's address.
- postalCodestringUpdated postal code of the customer's address.
bvnNumberstringUpdated bank Verification Number of the customer.
photostringUpdated URL to the customer's photo.
identityobjectUpdated identity information of the customer.
- typestringUpdated type of identity document (e.g., "vnin").
- numberstringUpdated identity document number.
- countrystringUpdated country issuing the identity document.
- imagestringUpdated URL to the identity document image.
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