Create Organization Shareholder

This endpoint creates a new shareholder for a specific organization.

Path Parameter

organizationIdstringThe ID of the organization.

Request Body
The request should include the following parameters:

firstNamestringFirst name of the shareholder.
lastNamestringLast name of the shareholder.
emailstringEmail address of the shareholder.
phoneNumberstringPhone number of the shareholder.
dobstringDate of birth of the shareholder (format: "dd-mm-yyyy").
addressstringResidential address of the shareholder.
buildingNumberstringBuilding number of the shareholder's address.
citystringCity of the shareholder's address.
statestringState of the shareholder's address.
countrystringCountry of the shareholder's address.
nationalitystringNationality of the shareholder.
identityobjectIdentity information of the shareholder.
- typestringType of identity document (e.g., "vnin").
- idNumberstringIdentity document number.
- utilityBillUrlstringURL to the utility bill document.
- idUrlstringURL to the identity document.
ninstringNational Identification Number (NIN) of the shareholder.
bvnstringBank Verification Number (BVN) of the shareholder.
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